Elizabeth Johnson-Young


Elizabeth Johnson-Young’s research centers on health communication and media. This leads to questions such as: What is the common media content regarding the topic? How are people talking about the issue, in both face-to-face and interactive media situations? What is the impact of media and communication on the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors on the people involved? Using mostly quantitative and qualitative social science methods, she researches how and why people use media, what the media content and landscape is, and how those and other communication forms impact health perceptions and behaviors. Her recent work has focused on maternal and parental health, including breastfeeding intentions, body image, and even labor equality in the home. At UMW, Dr. Johnson-Young has been teaching communication research methods, public communication campaigns, small group communication, and public speaking.

BA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; MA, Virginia Tech; Ph.D., North Carolina State University. UMW Directory Profile.