The Biology Program


  • Our Mission:

    Our mission is to provide a strong undergraduate education in the fundamental principles of biology and train students to use the research methods practiced by biologists. The program is designed to prepare undergraduates for future careers in life sciences research, biotechnology, medicine, dentistry, and other allied health fields. Darwin Research station web

    Our Program’s Strengths:

    Focus on teaching: All classes and labs are taught by professors whose top priority is high-quality teaching. Average upper-level class size is 17.

    Opportunities for research: Students at all levels can engage in authentic research. Students’ education is the focus of our faculty’s research programs.

    Training for diverse careers: Diverse course offerings and faculty interests prepare students for every career from wildlife management to medical research.

    Sophisticated equipment and facilities: Students have access to thermal-cyclers, spectrophotometers, electron microscopes, and other advanced technology to prepare them for the world!


Requirements for the Biology Major

Requirements for the Biology Minor

Biology Honors Program