Jepson Science Center The Department of Biological Sciences is located in The Jepson Science Center. This 75,000 square foot facility houses the offices, laboratories, herbarium & greenhouse and classrooms of the four natural sciences departments at UMW. A new wing and renovation of the existing building are coming in 2016!
Our Teaching Labs
Our 7 teaching labs serve the laboratory components of our biology courses. They are equipped with advanced technology and are designed to facilitate close interaction between students and faculty. Each laboratory accommodates a strict limit of 24 students.
Our Research Labs
Our research labs are specialized facilities designed to support undergraduate and faculty research. They also support some of the highly specialized work that goes on in our teaching labs. Each research lab is equipped with a variety of sophisticated equipment including certified tissue culture hoods, thermalcyclers, spectrophotometers, ultracentrifuges, and electron microscopes.
Eagle Lake Outpost
Eagle Lake Outpost Cabins This 200-acre property about 10 miles from campus provides field work opportunities for both individual research projects and classes. It features a natural beaver pond, mature forest, early successional field, and a stream. Cabins provide indoor classroom space and shelter from the weather.
The World!
Sea Lion by Nikki Maticic web Our courses offer life-changing international experiences in the Galapagos Islands, Central America, and Europe. Study tropical ecology in Panamá, have close-encounters with wildlife in the Galapagos, or visit historically significant science labs in the U.K., France, and Germany!