Lingnan University Exchange

Mary Washington College has an exchange program with Lingnan university. Information on the exchange program and application procedures follows. Interseted students should also contact Professor Elizabeth Freund in the Deptartment of Political Science for more information.

Students will need to complete and return the following application forms:

  1. Lingnan application form
  2. The Hong Kong Immigration Department Student Visa Application Form

Please ask your students to complete Parts A and E only. We, as the sponsoring institution, will complete Part B. The current fee charged by the Hong Kong Government is HK$135. Please draw to the students’ attention that we will pay for them in advance, but will bill them for reimbursement upon their arrival in Hong Kong. US$1 is roughly equivalent to HK$7.8. Please also ask your students to attach a copy of the page of the passport which contains his/her personal particulars and the issuance and expiration date of his/her passport.