David Ambuel, Center co-director
Dept. of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion
Indian and Asian Philosophy, Buddhism, Thailand and Southeast Asia

Mehdi Aminrazavi, Center co-director
Dept. of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion
Islamic philosophy and theology, Sufism, Mysticism

Dan Hirshberg, Center associate director
Dept. of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion
Tibetan Buddhism, Contemplative Studies, Asian Religions, History of Religion, Hagiography

Yuan-Jen Chiang
Dept. of Mathematics
Mathematics and Sciences in Asia, Chinese Buddhism, Language, Calligraphy, Philosophy, Literature, Politics

David Cain
Dept. of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion
Religion and literaure, dialogue among religions

Claudine L. Ferrell
Dept. of History
Vietnam and Southeast Asia

Susan R. Fernsebener
Dept. of History
Modern China and East Asia

Elizabeth M. Freund
Dept. of Political Science
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong; Government and political economy of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong; Chinese language

Eric Gable
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
Antrhopology of Indonesia

Surupa Gupta
Dept. of Political Science
Politics of globalization, Comparative politics of south Asia

Nora Hui-Jung Kim
Dept. of Sociology
International immigration, multiculturalism, race and ethnicity, nationalism, and East Asia

Margart Klayton Mi
Dept. of Business Administration
Maketing in global economy, China

Donald Rallis
Dept. of Geography
Regional geographies of east and southeast Asia

Farhang Rouhani
Dept. of Geography
Cultural and political geographies of globalization;, Middle East, politics of transnational telecommunications; Middle East and Islamic urbanism, socio-spatial politics of everyday life

Mara Scanlon
Dept. of English, Linguistics, and Speech
Asian-American Literature

Larry W. Penwell
Dept. of Psychology and Business Administration
Japanese management and organizational methods, Martial Arts