Asian Studies Minor

The Asian Studies Program

Asian Studies is the interdisciplinary study of the language, literature, culture, history, society, politics, philosophy, religion, and traditions of the rich and diverse countries of Asia. Courses in more than 10 academic disciplines contribute to this minor program. The Leidecker Center for Asian Studies, established in 1998, annually sponsors lectures, workshops, concerts, conferences, and cultural events to promote awareness and understanding of Asia. These activities augment the curricular offerings of the minor.

Study abroad is not required for the Asian Studies Minor, but it is both recognized and encouraged. Asian Studies Minor students are eligible to apply to study abroad for a semester or year through: the UMW Korea Exchange Program at Sungshin University in Seoul; the UMW partner program with Lingnan University in Hong Kong; the UMW partner program with Beijing Language and Culture University in China. After consultation with their academic advisors, students may contact the relevant program director for more information. Information on these and other study abroad opportunities in Asia is available from the Center for International Education.

Requirements for the Asian Studies Minor

Twenty-four (24) credits including two semesters (6 credits) or the equivalent of an Asian language (the language credits apply to one language, taken in sequence; the language may be taken at UMW or at an outside institution or as part of a study abroad program for transfer credit); six additional non-language courses, representing at least two different academic disciplines, of which a minimum of 9 credits must be at the 300 level or above. A maximum of 6 credits Individual Study and/or Internship may count toward fulfilling the minor requirements.

Asian Studies Course Offerings

Chinese 101 and 102 – Beginning Chinese
Chinese 201 and 202 – Intermediate Chinese
Art History 270E – Topics in non-Western and non-Eurocentric Art: Asian Art
English 353 – Asian American Literature
English 364 – Contemporary Asian Novel
Geography 300 – Geography of Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific
Geography 307 – Geography of Asia
History 141 and 142 – Asian Civilization I and II
History 364 – History of Japan
History 365, and 366 – History of China
History 368 – Gender in Chinese History
History 390 – United States and Vietnam
Philosophy/Religion 283 – Hinduism
Philosophy/Religion 284 – Buddhism
Philosophy/Religion 286 – Confucianism
Philosophy/Religion 287 – Daoism
Philosophy 440 – Studies in Asian and Comparative Philosophy
Religion 331- Special Studies in Religion (with approved topic)
Religion 340 – Mysticism East and West
Political Science 354 – Politics of South Asia
Political Science 366 – Government and Politics of China
Political Science 367 – East Asia in World Affairs
Independent Study (in any appropriate discipline, with approved topic)
Internship (with approved topic)