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Thank you for your interest in UMW and the Physics and Applied Physics Program!

SPS Astronomy Nights-Fall 21

Understanding the physical behavior of the world around you can be truly awe-inspiring. Why don’t you fall off the roller coaster ride? Can you lift a heavy box without requiring major surgery? When you look into a store window, why do you see the merchandise inside as well as your own reflection? How is music recorded and transmitted? What are black holes? How does sound and light interact with you and your surroundings? Physics answers these questions and many, many more through classes for majors and non-majors.



What is special about the Physics and Applied Physics Program at UMW?

SPS Physics Colloquium-Fall 21

One goal of the liberal arts experience is to instill a sense of wonder — of unending curiosity– not only for your particular field of study, but for all areas of study that may impact your success in life, both professionally and personally. The physics program at UMW is designed to prepare students like you to not only learn how to describe discoveries you might make, but help to develop the skills, for both majors and non-majors, needed to analyze those discoveries. We realize that we are one of many excellent physics programs that offer a range of courses and academic experiences that effectively prepare students for a variety of careers. In our program the message that comes through very clearly is that physics is for everyone. So, if you have a strong interest in physics and a fair amount of perseverance, you can expect your goals to be met, whatever they are. The physics faculty is eager to help you begin your journey.

We encourage you to come for a visit and chat with our students and faculty. Please feel free to reach out to the physics faculty to answer any questions you may have or to arrange for a facility tour or a classroom visit. Further details about the program may be obtained by connecting to the links provided and referring to the on-line college catalog.

UMW Physics Majors

The department offers two majors leading to a B.S. in Physics:

Students could also supplement another major with a minor in Physics.

Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Students are invited to participate in numerous extracurricular events/organizations, including:

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Department Chair contact information:

Dr. Janet Asper, Jepson 435, (540)654-1143,