Paid Internship at Prince William Forest Park

Expected Dates: June 2, 2014 to August 24, 2014
Site: Prince William Forest Park
Position ID: PO-00498677
Prince William Forest Park is seeking a 12-week Museum intern beginning in June 2014. The Museum intern would work closely with the Cultural Resource Specialist on the Park’s museum collection, and library. The intern would receive training on caring and handling museum objects, utilizing Department of Interior Museum Collections program ICMS, as well as other on the job training. The intern would catalog and prepare museum objects for accession; utilize ICMS to accession objects and conduct research in Park’s collection; assist in deaccessioning museum objects; catalog and label library book using the Procite library software, digitize slides for Park library; assist with annual Museum Collections inventory.

The park’s goal is to develop a youth intern’s skills in Museum management and provide exposure to the interdisciplinary field of Cultural Resources Management (CRM). Additionally, the intern would also be exposed to the interdisciplinary field of CRM, which includes Museum Conservation, Historic Preservation, Archaeology, and Ethnography.  The youth intern would provide critical support to Cultural Resource operations at Prince William Forest Park.  The park is committed to providing the supervision and mentorship needed for the intern to be successful during the internship and beyond.

  • Prince William Forest Park
  • Th intern would receive training on Cultural Resource Management within the NPS, training on using a GPS unit and using software, using the ICMS museum database, accessioning objects, as well as other job training.
  • The intern would attend regionally offered youth events, and any other relevant talks, seminars, or networking events.
  • No
Main Area of Focus
Cultural/Historical Resource Mgmt

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