Internship Requirements

Internships counting towards the Museum Studies Minor must be approved by the Museum Studies Committee.  An appropriate and approvable internship will offer engagement in the stewardship of publicly owned or publicly available artifacts in a professional museum or professional archives setting with regular supervision by a museum or archives professional in areas such as collections management (curation, conservation, etc.), exhibition, interpretation, education, outreach, marketing, public relations, fundraising, and grant writing.  Students are urged to select their internship based on their preferred museum career path.


The Museum Studies Committee recognizes that interns may be asked to participate in a number of diverse activities important to the operation of a museum.  Work at a museum reception desk and any clerical work may be part of an internship, but should not exceed 30% of the intern’s duties.  Work in a gift shop will not be considered part of an internship that counts towards the Museum Studies minor, nor will work at a for-profit gallery.


Participation in an archaeological excavation may count as an internship if a substantial part of the experience includes the processing of artifacts.  Work in an archaeological registry or laboratory that includes the processing of artifacts may count as an internship for the Museum Studies minor.


All Museum Studies internships must comply with the school’s internship policies and procedures.  For more information, please visit the UMW Career Services webpage.