GIS Software

UMW uses ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro in all GIS courses.

ArcGIS Pro is available for use on computers in the Monroe Hall computer laboratories (114 and 320, which are available to current students as long as a class is not in session), in most of the Jepson Hall computer laboratories, and on certain computers in the Hurley Convergence Center. See this page for details.

In their first GIS course, students are provided with a username and account for access to ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online. The instructor will also explain how to download ArcGIS Pro to a personal computer. As students take subsequent courses, they will be able to update the software. Apps Anywhere can also be used to access ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS software only runs on the Windows operating system. Mac users can partition their computers to allow download. ESRI’s recommendations for system requirements are available here. Under special circumstances, it may be possible to arrange for a student to borrow a laptop for part of the semester so that they can complete a GIS course; please email the Chair for details.

Other software may be used in some courses. These packages may be available only in the Monroe Hall computer laboratories, and may not be free to download.