Virginia German Day

The Collaboratory for German Studies in Virginia is pleased to announce its first state-wide German Day on Saturday, March 26, 2022. High school programs from across the Commonwealth are invited to visit one of these six universities: George Mason University (GMU), the University of Mary Washington (UMW), the University of Virginia (UVa), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Virginia Tech (VT), and William & Mary (W&M). The day is filled with fun competitions and hands-on activities such as German Jeopardy, Schultüten crafting, and German karaoke.

Chose the campus that is closest to your school to save on travel time. We will connect all universities via Zoom several times during the day.

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash


German Day is designed to be educational as well as entertaining. Students will learn while having fun. The first half of the day is dedicated to competitions, the second half to workshops. The specific times and workshops might vary slightly from campus to campus due to local campus and room conditions.

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For questions about a specific campus, please contact the following faculty:

GMU-  Dr. Natalia Dudnik

W&M – Dr. Jennifer Gully

VCU – Dr. Oliver Speck

VT – Dr. Esther Bauer

UMW – Dr. Marcel Rotter

UVA – Dr. Manuela Achilles