The Collaboratory for German Studies in Virginia (CGSV)

The Collaboratory for German Studies in Virginia (CGSV) is a partnership among the German programs of Christopher Newport University, George Mason University, the  University of Mary Washington, the University of Virginia, the Virginia Commonwealth University, and William & Mary.

We strive to promote interest in the language and cultures of the German-speaking countries for students, faculty, and the broader community throughout and beyond the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is our hope to foster cultural exchange and strengthen transatlantic relations through workshops, conferences, and curricular collaboration.

Upcoming events

German Day on Friday, March 24, 2023

Deutsch für die Zukunft: Frieden, Umwelt, Demokratie

High school students visit college campuses in Virginia for a day of German competitions and fun. See link above for more information

Past events

For recordings of the events, please see the Recorded Events page.

German Day on March 26, 2022

Grenzenlos Deutsch

Spring 2021 Panel Discussion Series:

The New Normal: Germany and the U.S. Now

In this inaugural speaker series, we explored how life in the U.S. and Germany and the relationship between the two countries have changed due to recent social and political developments. To this end, we invited you to join a dialogue with scholars, activists, practitioners, diplomats, and artists on education, economics and business, culture, politics and society, the visual arts and music.

THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 2021 AT 12 PM EDT – 1:00 PM EDT

The New Normal in Economics

Stacked Container in port

Photo: Chuttersnap on Unsplash

How did the last years influence the trade of Germany and the U.S.? Will there be changes? Hear Dietmar Rieg (President & CEO, German-American Chamber of Commerce, New York City) and Don Lee (UMW) discuss the current state of affairs. Host: Debra Stoudt (Virginia Tech). Part of the speaker series “The New Normal: The U.S. and Germany Now.




THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2021 AT 12 PM EDT – 1:30 PM EDT

The New Normal of Education!?

young woman sitting on bed working on computer

Photo: Victoria Heath on Unsplash

To what extent did the German and U.S. approaches to teaching in times of Corona (online / hybrid / in-person) create a new pedagogical normality? Helmut Kehlenbeck (German Central Agency for Schools Abroad), Doug Tibbett (German teacher in Henrico county), and Selma Erdogdu-Volmerich (Volkshochschule Witten-Wetter-Herdecke) will discuss. Host: Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich (UMW). Part of the speaker series “The New Normal: The U.S. and Germany Now.” Co-sponsored by CGSV and William & Mary.

THURSDAY, April 1, 2021 @ 12pm EST – 1:00 PM EST

Art and Culture in Germany and the U.S.

Empty theater

Photo by Merch HÜSEY on Unsplash

How does the “new normal” affect the cultural landscape (music, theater, dance,…)? Join Janell Moore (VCU), Christian Badel (Visual Artist, Berlin), and host Oliver Speck (VCU) discussing the state of cultural affairs in Germany and the U.S. Part of the speaker series “The New Normal: The U.S. and Germany Now. Co-sponsored by CGSV, Virginia Tech, and Marcel Rotter.




THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 2021 @ 12pm EST – 1:00 PM EST

The Social Fabric – Race, Class, Health

Afro-American Man with hat

Photo by Robert McGowan on Unsplash

Join Dr. Marta Neüff (Chair of the Polish Social Council, Berlin) and Mr. Cameron Coates (Fredericksburg) for a discussion on the state of race, class, and health (care) in Germany and the U.S. How has the social fabric changed in the last years and, especially, during 2020, the year of COVID? How did the pandemic lay bare the class, race, and health-care issues in both the U.S. and Germany? Part of the Speaker Series “The New Normal: The U.S. and Germany Now.”

Host: Dr. Marcel Rotter (UMW) Co-sponsored by CGSV and the University of Mary Washington.


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2021 @ 12pm EST – 1:00 PM EST

The new political landscape: Extremism, Democracy, and Complacency

Photo by Adam Vradenburg on Unsplash

What has changed in the last four years in the U.S., in Germany, and in their relationship with each other? How do we account for the rise of right-wing political groups in both Germany and the U.S. Furthermore, what do the presidency of Joseph Biden and the upcoming election to the German Bundestag this fall have in store for the two countries?

Professor emeritus Dr. Hajo Funke (FU Berlin) and Christian Jetzlsperger, (Head of the political section of the German Embassy, Washington, D.C.) will discuss these questions and more.

Host: Dr. Jennifer Taylor (William & Mary) Co-sponsored by CGSV and the Center for German Studies at the University of Virginia.


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2021 @ 12 PM EST – 1:00 PM EST

State of Emergency: H. Arendt and G. Agamben

Photo by Jake Espedido on Unsplash

Are you alarmed by the permanent state of emergency we all seem to live in? A state of emergency that knows no bounds, as it encompasses the sphere of politics and public health? You are cordially invited to this moderated discussion, free and open to the general public. The panel will include guest presenter Martin Klebes, Associate Professor of German at the University of Oregon, Oliver C. Speck, Director of the MATX Ph.D. program (Media, Art & Text) at VCU and will be moderated by Manuela Achilles, Assoc. Prof. of German and History and Director of the Center for German Studies at UVA. The panelists will discuss theories by Hannah Arendt and Giorgio Agamben. Q&A to follow.

Co-sponsored by CGSV and VCU’s Ph.D. program in Media, Art & Text.