Studies in French

The LouvreThrough courses in French, students gain proficiency in understanding, reading, writing, and speaking the language. Laboratory facilities are used extensively to supplement classroom instruction. Upper-level courses are conducted primarily in French.

Major in French

  • The Major in French consists of 36 credits, including the following:
  • FREN 311(Composition)
  • FREN 312 (Phonetics and Oral Proficiency)
  • FREN 326, 327 (Survey of French Literature I,II)
  • FREN 411 (Stylistics)
  • FREN 412 (Translation)
  • FREN 481 (Senior Seminar)
  • 6 additional courses chosen from all remaining upper-level courses (300-level or above)

Minor in French

  • The minor in French requires 24 credits.  Students must complete French 201 and French 202, or additional French classes at 300-level or above to equal six credits, FREN 311, FREN 312, and any four (4) additional French classes at or above the 300-level

Minor in Business French

  • The minor in Business French requires 24 credits, including French 311, French 312, French 313,  3 credits from French 411, French 330-335; 3 credits from French 411,  French 412, or French 499;  and one of the following sequences:  a)  ACCT 101, ACCT 102, and one College of Business course at 300- level or higher; or b) Economics 201, Economics 202, and one Economics course at the 300-level or higher.
  • Business French minors can take no more than 29 credits in Business without applying for admission to the College of Business (and declaring a Business Major).

Student Research

Students can undertake semester- or year-long research projects with individual professors or can participate in undergraduate conferences.

French Undergraduate Research


Non-majors and non-minors may also take advantage of the language program. Students have the opportunity to reside in a campus residence area in which French is spoken and which sponsors various inter-cultural programs each year. The resident language director of this area is a native speaker of French.

The French Section offers a summer study abroad program in Paris. The Section also cooperates with a variety of semester or year-long study abroad program, advises and encourages students wishing to study abroad, and helps in planning their study programs. Credits can be accepted from abroad to fulfill major requirements.

Graduates in French may pursue careers in government or private fields in which the knowledge of this language is essential, including interpreting, translating, research, social services, education, the tourism industry, government agencies, the Peace Corps, or international business.

Students not majoring in French can nonetheless use French courses taught by Modern Foreign Language faculty towards fulfilling the College’s General Education language requirement. For more on the this requirement and the various exemptions possible, see the General Education section of the catalog.