2012 Book Prize Candidates

Architectural Conservation in Europe and the Americas John H. Stubbs and Emily G. Makas Wiley Publishers
Buildings, Landscapes, & Memory: Case Studies in Historic Preservation Daniel Bluestone W.W. Norton
Celebrating Egg Harbor 1861-2011 (two volumes) Egg Harbor Historical Society Egg Harbor Historical Society
Crawfish Bottom: Recovering a Lost Kentucky Community Douglas A. Boyd University of Kentucky Press
Eldorado! The Archaeology of Gold Mining in the Far North Edited by Catherine Holder Spude, Robin O. Mills, Karl Gurcke, and Roderick Sprague University of Nebraska Press
Essays in Early American Architectural History Carl R. Lounsbury University of Virginia Press
John James Audubon’s Journal of 1826: The Voyage to The Birds of America Edited by Daniel Patterson University of Nebraska Press
Out of Many, One People James A. Delle, Mark W. Hauser, and Douglas V. Armstrong University of Alabama
Protecting Heritage in the Caribbean Peter E. Siegel and Elizabeth Righter University of Alabama
Salvage Secrets: Transforming Reclaimed Materials in to Design Concepts Joanne Palmisano W.W. Norton
Saugus Iron Works: The Roland W. Robbins Excavations, 1948-1953 Donald W. Linebaugh National Park Service/University of Maryland
Saving Wright: The Freeman House and the Preservation of Meaning, Materials, and Modernity Jeffry M. Chusid W.W. Norton
The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn Suleiman Osman Oxford University Press
The River and the Railroad: An Archaeological History of Reno Mary Ringhoff and Edward J. Stoner University of Nevada Press
The Spirit of Cities: Why Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age Daniel A. Bell and Avner de-Shalit Princeton University Press
The Things Things Say Jonathan Lamb Princeton University Press
The Vintage House: A Guide to Successful Renovations and Additions Mark Alan Hewitt and Gordon Bock W.W. Norton
Tourists,  Signs, and the City: The Semiotics of Culture in an Urban Landscape Michelle M. Metro-Roland Ashgate Publishing Company
Uncommon Vernacular: The Early Houses of West Virginia 1735-1835 John C. Allen Jr. West Virginia University


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