CEE Stock Market Game Region Fall 2019 Results

The University of Mary Washington Center of Economic Education participates in the Stock Market Game through Virginia Counsel of Economic Education. The SMG is an online simulation of the real-life stock market that helps sharpen skills in math, social studies and language arts. It is a comprehensive economics and personal finance education program for Grades 4 to 12.  Small student teams compete for awards by investing $100,000 in an online, virtual portfolio.  The adult advisor registers the student teams. Student teams are provided online access to their own online investment portfolio.  Students research and apply their investment ideas in a real-world market environment.


Congratulations to the UMW Center of Economic Education top 3 region winners for the Fall 2019 Stock Market Game.

The 1st place team was Blue Devil Pride from Culpeper County High School, with a total equity of $108,586.06.

The 2nd place team was Stonksboys from Spotsylvania Middle School, with a total of $105,282.40.

The 3rd place team was Knights Who Say Ni from Grace Preparatory School, with a total of $103,722.34.


The Spring Stock Market Game begins on February 3, 2020.

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