J.D. Swerzenski

J.D. Swerzenski bio photo

Dr. J.D. Swerzenski is an Assistant Professor of Communications and Digital Studies at the University of Mary Washington. His research focuses on the effects of digital media production technology on cultural values and understanding, and draws on software studies, visual culture, film studies, critical pedagogy, cultural production, and critical media literacy.

He has over a decade of experience teaching media production including video editing, visual design, and audio mixing. Beyond technical skill-building, his pedagogy focuses on ways to use these multimedia tools for critical analysis and social change.

As a producer and creator, J.D. served as editor and cinemetographer for the documentary Finding the Words and has continued to collaborate and co-produce community-oriented video projects.

B.A. Trinity University

M.A. University of Oregon

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts

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