Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of common questions. If you have a question that this page doesn’t answer, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Q: Can I major in just Digital Studies?

A: Currently, Digital Studies is just a Minor which anyone can declare. The same core of coursework that makes up the minor is, however, also part of the major in Communication and Digital Studies. If you’d like to major in just Digital Studies (or Digital Media Studies, for example), it is possible to create a Special Major, but this is a difficult process. Most of the time, it’s better to declare the CDS major and take DGST courses as major electives.

Q: How do I declare a Major in Communication and Digital Studies?

Schedule a meeting with the chair of CDS to complete your major declaration form.

Q: How do I declare a Minor in Digital Studies?

A: Anyone may declare a minor at the same time they declare a major. If you already have declared a major, you can declare a major with the same form. First, fill out a Major/Minor Declaration Form (available at the Registrar’s Office at Lee Hall or for download from their webpage). Then, get it signed by the Program Director, Zach Whalen (1201 William Street), and deliver it back to the Registrar’s office.

Q: Can I complete both a Major in Communication and Digital Studies and minor in Digital Studies?

No. Because of the limitation on the number of courses that may overlap between any two major or minor programs, it’s not possible to meet all requirements for both programs without exceeding that limit.

Q: Is Digital Studies a Computer Science Program?

A: No. The Computer Science Department has its own major programs and a Minor in Computer Science. Computer Science curriculum teaches programming and other skills that prepare students for a career in programming, engineering or data management. Digital Studies, by contrast, is an interdisciplinary minor focused in traditional Humanities disciplines. In Digital Studies courses, students use digital tools and concepts to support discipline-specific inquiry.

Q: How many of my Major courses can also count toward a Digital Studies minor?

A: There can be no more than two courses overlapping credit between any Major or Minor.