Adria Goldman

Portrait of Adria Goldman

Adria Goldman’s research explores the intersectionality of race, gender, culture and its connection to communication and media. She enjoys examining media’s impact on perceptions, construction of identity, social relationships, and belief systems. Moreover, Dr. Goldman seeks to identify the complex relationship between media producers and consumers, while considering factors such as the role of ownership, media convergence, representations, race/class/gender, and ideologies. Dr. Goldman’s previous research has explored representations of Black women in television (specifically the reality genre), film, hip-hop, and social media. Her current work dissects media presentations of female sexuality for women of color. Dr. Goldman constantly seeks innovative ways to merge her research interests in the classroom. She has taught introductory communication courses (ex: Human Communication, interpersonal), media courses (ex: Media & Society), organizational communication, and public relations. In all of her courses, students are challenged to consider how media impact our understanding of communication.

B.A., Longwood University; M.A., Virginia Tech; Ph.D., Howard University.  UMW Directory Profile.