Parrish Waters






Parrish Waters, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Office: 337 Jepson Science Center
Office Phone: 654-1416

Dr. Waters holds a Ph.D. from the University of South Dakota. His major area of expertise is neuroscience, but his interests in physiology are broad, and include hormone axis function, cardiac physiology, and sensory perception. His post-doctoral training includes a Fellowship with the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence in Berlin, Germany. Before that, a research mentoring Fellowship at the College of Charleston, and a research fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina.

His current research investigates neuroendocrine differences that result from (and contribute to) an animal’s position in social hierarchies. His research at UMW involves laboratory mice, and is chronicled here (

He teaches Human Anatomy (BIOL 384), Human Physiology (BIOL 413) annually, and also contributes to our Research Intensive Curriculum with his Neuropathology course (BIOL 419), and our senior seminar courses (BIOL 451). Finally, he has taught two different freshman seminars, The Human Animal (FSEM 100Q) and Our Addicted World (FSEM 100R2).