Ways in which Biology Majors can Satisfy the Experiental Learning Requirement

1.  URES 197 (Undergraduate Research) – available to Biol majors and non-majors.

2.  Any approved study abroad experience: students must complete an Experiential Learning/Global Inquiry Contract prior to studying abroad.

4.  Any courses that include trips abroad, including the following courses that include Spring Break trips abroad:

  • GEOG 360 – Geographic Study Abroad (no prerequisites)
  • BUAD 473 Environment of International Business Seminar (Prerequisite: ECON 201 and permission of instructor)
  • BIOL 424 – Tropical Ecology (Spring 2011 and alternate years)

5.  EDUC 440 (Supervised Teaching)

6.  BIOL 499 (Internship) – Junior or Senior biology majors

7.  BIOL 491 (Special Problems in Biology) – Junior or Senior biology majors

8.  BIOL 424 (Tropical Ecology) – Spring 2011 and alternate years

9.  BIOL 000 (Biology Service Learning) – declared biology majors ONLY.

  • Through Community Outreach and Resources (COAR) in which the student completes a Service-Learning Contract prior to their experience.
  • Teaching Assistant. (Contract Form to be completed prior to teaching experience.)
  • Summer Science Institute (Contract Form to be completed prior to research experience.)
  • Student Athletic Training Aide (Contract Form to be completed prior to experience.)

Biol 000, the Biology Service Learning option, requires students to apply knowledge and skills acquired in their formal courses and to reflect upon how such application has augmented their education. Students will complete a Community Outreach and Resources (COAR) Service-Learning contract in which they will 1) identify the agencies for which they will conduct their service, 2) indicate the biology faculty members who will evaluate the academic component of their activities, and 3) describe the duties that they will carry out for these agencies. Students must complete 40 hours of service within 12 months of submitting their COAR contracts. Students completing their community service during their last semester must complete all requirements by March 1 (November 1 for those finishing in December). Contact the biology department chair for additional details.