Undergraduate Research Grants

Undergraduate Research Grants (UGRs) offer financial support for materials, travel, and fees related to faculty‐sponsored student research, individual study projects, and conference participation. UMW students may apply for funding if they are enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the time they pursue their project. The student is responsible for every aspect of the grant process, including application, writing reports, and filling out paperwork for reimbursement. Additionally, the student must be centrally involved in framing the problem, developing a research strategy, and conducting the project. Assuming equivalent project quality, funding is more likely for proposals involving more students rather than fewer and for less expensive projects.

How To Apply

Applications are due to the Office of Academic Affairs and require the completion of an application form. This form must be completed in full and have all necessary signatures or it will not be considered.

If applying for a full‐year grant (two consecutive semesters), clearly indicate this.

The form requires projected costs (like those given in the budget proposal during the application process). In addition, several approval signatures are required (including the University President’s, if traveling outside the country). NOTE: For out‐of‐country travel, please attach an email confirmation from Accounts Payable of per diem and lodging rates.

At the end of the research project, you’ll be required to complete a project report. If a project report is not submitted, you will not receive funding for additional projects in the future.

For more information, read the College of Arts and Sciences’ Guidelines For Undergraduate Research Applications.

How To Pay For Expenses

If a project is funded, either the student and/or the sponsor must pay for travel and other expenses using personal funds or a UMW corporate credit card. Reimbursement for expenses paid for with personal funds requires the completion of specific forms. The department’s Office Manager can give you further guidance with this, if needed.

Reimbursement for Travel

Reimbursement for travel includes the cost of car rentals, mileage, hotel costs, meals (“per diem”), and incidentals (parking fees, tolls, taxis, etc.). To be reimbursed for charges, a student must fill out and submit a Travel Expense Reimbursement Form, along with all receipts, to Accounts Payable soon after the travel occurs. This online form is an Excel document and calculates all expenses entered into it. Accounts Payable offers a thorough guide to understanding and filling out the Travel Reimbursement form. To download the form and learn more, visit the URLs below.

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form Information

Overnight Travel

If purchasing airline/train tickets for overnight travel, the student must attach a completed “Request for Overnight Travel Form” with the receipt for the department’s records. This form is completed by the student and not the faculty sponsor. Original paperwork will be filed in our office. Contact the department Office Manager for a copy of this form and further assistance.

Reimbursement for Other Expenses

For reimbursement of non‐travel expenses (e.g., materials), a student must submit a completed Request for Reimbursement form and all receipts to the department’s Office Manager. You can pick up a copy of the form and speak with the Office Manager at 217 Melchers Hall.