Information For Students: Art History

For students of the Art History program, we’ve published the most important and basic information that you’ll need to know here on the website. This includes:

Art History Degree Requirements
Art History Course Descriptions
Two-year Art History Course Schedule

Make sure to read through this information thoroughly and refer back to it periodically during your course of study.

Prospective Students

If you’re considering a degree in art history, or are simply wondering what people with an art history degree go on to do, check out our information for prospective art history students. You’ll find links to graduate programs, internship opportunities, and employers. You might also take a look at our alumni profiles. It’s also worth reading through the art history course descriptions and taking a moment to get to know the department’s faculty.

More Information

Need something that’s not here on the website? Contact Katina Taylor, Office Manager- Department of Art and Art History, at