Undergraduate Research Reports

Required Report

A brief end-of-semester project report is due in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office by the first day of classes in the semester following the grant period.  The report should describe the project’s achieved objectives, summarize the budget expenditures made, and provide brief overall commentary about the outcome of the undergraduate research project.

The following reports have been submitted for Spring 2012 awards:

 Art and Art History

Lauren Kyser (JeanAnn Dabb). “Assyrian Palace Sculptures from Nimrud.” Kyser_Undergraduate Research Final Report spring 2012 (1)

 Biological Sciences

Andy Cole (Kelli Slunt). “The Temperature of Transition for Phosphatidylethanolamine Membranes.” Final Lab Report_ACole


Carley McCready and Dawn Bowen. “The Impact of Scholarships on Q’eqchi’ Maya Young Women’s Lives and Communities in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala”

David Wilcox (Dawn Bowen). “An Evaluation of an Environmental Education Program in Primary Schools of the Yalijux Mountain Communities of the Alta Verapaz, Guatemala”

Wesley Roberts (Dawn Bowen). “Mapping Illegal Deforestation in the Yalijux Mountains of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala”  Bowen_UGR_Report

Political Science and International Affairs

Brianna Gavigan (Dr. Chad Murphy). State Policy’s Effect on Homosexual Residency Patterns  Undergrad Research Grant Report – Brianna Gavigan

Erin Hill (Dr. Chad Murphy). Increasing Descriptive Representation: The Voting Rights Act and Institutional Fixes for Female Underrepresentation UGR Report- Erin Hill


The following reports have been submitted for Fall 2011 awards:

Biological Sciences Department

Syeda (Samara) BakshCell Fusion and the Growth Factor IGF in Myocardial Repair Fall 2011 Research Summary-Baksh

Leslie ValenzuelaEffects of Exercise and Estrogen on Atherosclerosis Progress report-Valenzuela

Chemistry Department

Karmel JamesChemically Modifies Copper Electrode Surfaces for Electrocatalytic Applications URG Progress Report F11 Karmel, J

Eric Johnson - The Use of Click Chemistry for the Creation of a Universal Platform for Metal Oxide Functionalization URG Progress Report F11 Johnson, E

Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

Marianne Mannix and Mina RectaContinuing Acid Mine drainage Impacts On the Environmental Health of the Soils, Streams, and Macroinvertebrates in a VA Ecosystem URG Research Summary_Fall2011

Psychology Department

Caitlin Brady, Megan Hess, Caroline Lupsha, and Frank Knizner – What’s the Harm? Cheating Behavior and priming of harm to others FinalReport_Rettinger

John Ackley, Amanda Manno, Kasi Hunnicut, and Jeffrey Tyler Hoehn -Parenting Changes Across Three Generations and its Influence in Emerging Adulthood Undergraduate Grant Report_Steckler