Fall 2015 Courses

The list of courses meeting Digital Studies credit for Fall 2015 are now listed here on the website. As students prepare for their Fall registration, refer to this list to find appropriate courses, and please note as you do that some courses listed here will not be reflected in the course catalog until this Fall. They will, count, however.

As a Digital Studies minor (or just someone interested in the program), you may be interested to know that there will be a new major offered this Fall, “Communication and Digital Studies.” This new program will allow us to develop some new classes and other curricular structures, so it’s an exciting opportunity to develop UMW’s digital curriculum.

The “Digital Studies” component of the new major will work closely with the curriculum from the minor, so if you’ve been taking classes toward the minor, you may also find that you’re pretty well on your way to finishing this major. It may even make sense to switch to the major. If that’s something you’re considering, let’s discuss it soon.

Also, one new course for the Fall bears some explanation. DGST 395: Applied Digital Studies will be an elective for the minor and a requirement for the major. As its name implies, this course invites students to apply the skills they’ve developed in their digital studies coursework — especially DGST 101 — toward some larger, self-directed project. DGST 101 is a prerequisite, but since the newness of this course means that some students won’t have planned their sequencing ahead of time, it’s possible to waive that prerequisite. You’ll need to clear that with me before your register, so if you’re in that situation, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Otherwise, the course descriptions are all pretty much straightforward. If you have any questions or would like a Minor-specific advising session, just let me know.


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