Courses available for Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 schedule of courses is now available on the registrar’s website, and students should begin making plans for their spring schedules. For the convenience of students completing or even just considering the Minor in Digital Studies, I’ve created a list of Spring 2015 electives, including their catalog descriptions and schedule options.

Graduating seniors who still need to complete your capstone may notice that neither of the usual options is offered this coming semester. That’s OK! You can still complete your requirement in one of two ways: complete an independent study, or make your case to me (in writing) that some other course should count as your capstone. An independent study is typically a course in a major discipline, such as ENGL 491 for English, and departments will have different requirements, expectations and processes for setting up these courses. Generally, students design their own course of study and a faculty member supervises their work. If you have any questions about either option, please ask. I’ll need to approve whichever option you choose, so you’ll need to get in touch anyway.

Along those lines, I’ll be available for advising during the advising period that follows Fall break, so set up an appointment with me (Starfish or email) if you’d like some minor-specific advisement.

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