Waple Professorship

The University of Mary Washington has received an endowment from the estate of Shirley Van Epps Waple’52 to establish 8 rotating, supported professorships in her name. Beginning in 2014-15, six of these will be in Arts and Sciences, with one reserved, by the terms of her will, for Economics. One of the six Waple Professorships was awarded for 2013-2014 to Dr. Allyson Poska, Professor in History and Director of Women and Gender Studies.

Each Waple Professorship carries an award of $15,000 per year for two years. The recipient will be able to apply up to $5,000 of these funds annually to support his or her release from teaching.


Any tenured faculty member with a minimum of 6 years of service at UMW.


To pursue a project during the two-year tenure of the professorship. Projects may include research, writing, performances, creative work, and the scholarship of pedagogy.

 Application must include:

  • Description of the project (maximum 1500 words)
  • Abstract of the project description (200 words)
  • Clear timeline for the project that will be carried out
  • Current c.v.
  • Budget, to include number and timing of course releases (maximum 2/year);cost of equipment or supplies; cost of travel related to the project beyond routine faculty supplemental grants. The cost of these factors will be subtracted from the $15,000/year stipend carried by the Professorship.
  • Statement of support by the Department Chair or, in the case of a Chair, by the Dean.

 Selection Criteria:

  • Quality of the proposed project
  • Appropriateness of timeline to the project
  • Record of success in publication or creative endeavors

Selection Process:

The Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will review all applications and make recommendations for final adjudication to a group that consists of the Provost, the Dean of CAS, the Deans of COB and COE, and the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs .

The Waple Professorship carries a $15,000 stipend which can be used, per the candidate’s discretion and as designated in the budget proposal, as a salary stipend, research support, or course release time (a maximum of 2 courses annually).  The successful applicant may use the research support fund for any combination of the following:  travel, software and/or databases, equipment, and supplies.

Faculty who are on or expect to be on a sabbatical or Jepson Fellowship or some other form of educational/research leave are eligible to apply.

University policy stipulates that faculty cannot earn more than 33% of their contracted salary from other sources during the academic year (from grants, summer teaching, UMW research stipends, etc.).  Faculty should consider this information when deciding on the amounts they wish to budget for supplies, course buyouts, travel, and the salary supplement.

Please note the following criteria established by the Deans and the Provost.

A successful applicant will have proposed a project that will be carried out during the tenure of the award. It will fit one of the following areas:

  • research, scholarship, or creative work in one’s discipline or related interdisciplinary area
  •  a project that furthers UMW’s mission and goals as defined in the Strategic Plan, including service learning and regional engagement
  • research that involves UMW students during summers