Waple Professorship

The University of Mary Washington has received an endowment from the estate of Shirley Van Epps Waple’52 to establish 8 rotating, supported professorships in her name.


Any tenured faculty member with a minimum of 6 years of service at UMW is eligible. This year we will make five awards to College of Arts and Sciences faculty members whose two-year Professorship will begin in the 2018-19 academic year. The number of awards in the college alternates between five in one year and one the year following. Professors Jen Chiang, Steve Harris, Elizabeth Larus, Marie McAllister, and Bob Rycroft will cycle out of their Waple professorships in May.


To pursue a project during the two-year tenure of the professorship. Projects may include research, writing, performances, creative work, and the scholarship of pedagogy.

Application due Date: Monday, December 4, 2017

Application must include:

  • Description of the project (maximum 1500 words)
  • Abstract of the project description (200 words)
  • Clear timeline for the project that will be carried out
  • Current c.v.
  • Budget, to include: Note: all of the following will be subtracted from the $15,000/year stipend carried by the Professorship
    • number and timing of course releases (maximum 2/year),
    • cost of equipment or supplies,
    • cost of travel related to the project
  • Signature of Department Chair
  • Must be submitted in electronic format (all one document)

 Selection Criteria:

  • Quality of the proposed project
  • Appropriateness of timeline to the project
  • Record of success in publication or creative endeavors

Selection Process:

The Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will review all applications and make recommendations to the Provost’s Office for final adjudication. The Provost’s Office will also receive recommendations from the Committee on Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Faculty Awards of the University Faculty Council.

The Waple Professorship carries a stipend of $13,000 to $15,000 per year (actual award amount to be determined when the UMW Foundation Board sets the budget spending policy for all endowed accounts) which can be used, per the candidate’s discretion and as designated in the budget proposal, as a salary stipend, as research support, or as course release time (a maximum of six credit hours annually). When subtracting an amount for course releases, the University assigns a cost equal to the actual salary paid to the adjunct replacement. (The average adjunct cost is about $3,775 per course). The successful applicant may use the research support fund for any combination of the following:  travel, software and/or databases, equipment, and other professional expenses.

Faculty who are on or expect to be on a sabbatical or Jepson Fellowship or some other form of educational/research leave are eligible to apply.

University policy stipulates that faculty cannot earn more than 33% of their contracted salary from other sources during the academic year (from grants, summer teaching, UMW research stipends, etc.).  Faculty should consider this information when deciding on the amounts they wish to budget for supplies, course buyouts, travel, and the salary supplement.

An announcement will be made no later than early February of the people selected for the Waple Professorships.

Calendar of Actions for 2017-18 is:

December 4 – Waple applications due to the Dean’s office (applications need to be in electronic format, submitted to Martha Link (mlink@umw.edu))

December 6 – Dean gives copies of applications the SFFA Committee

By January 24 – Deans and SFFA give separate recommendations to Provost

February 1 – Provost announces Waple Awards

Current Waple Professors (2 year terms)

Awarded 2016

Yuan‑Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics

Steven E. Harris, Associate Professor of History

Elizabeth Freund Larus, Professor of Political Science

Marie E. McAllister, Professor of English

Robert S. Rycroft, Professor of Economics

Awarded 2015

Janusz Konieczny, Professor of Mathematics

Miriam Liss, Professor of Psychology