CLEAR Plan Document  (updated 2015)


Calendar of Events

January 2014

– CLEAR presents its first draft. Participants from the November meeting offer feedback on the plan’s goals and action plan.

February – March 2014

– CLEAR plan is revised and edited, CLEAR establishes presences on Facebook and Twitter and prepares to release plan to the public.

April 2014

– CLEAR plan is released; CLEAR begins to engage the George Washington Region in discussions and actions to improve resilience and protect key assets. Initial planning groups are tasked with some of the first items from the plan’s list of goals. CLEAR Facebook Page Established (Fredericksburg Regional CLEAR). FreeLance Star Viewpoints Series: a variety of authors write about preserving the area’s natural heritage through Battlefield Preservation, Historic Preservation, and the original River Easement as concomitant aspects of preserving Fredericksburg natural heritage.

April 30, 2014

– Marstel-Day, in partnership with CLEAR, hosts a talk on priority-setting for natural resource conservation with Jeff Danter of The Trust for Public Land.

September 2014

UMW announces Marstel-Day Award for Innovation in Environmental Stewardship that supports one winning applicant in developing a creative solution that addresses an environmental problem at the local, state, or national level.

November 2014

Marstel-Day, in partnership with CLEAR, hosts a Fall Energy Forum to discuss sustainable energy solutions. Small CLEAR Focus Group to be held afterwards.

Spring 2015

– CLEAR intends to host a series of public outreach events to report on progress and adjust goals for 2020.