Women’s and Gender Studies Course Offerings Spring 2019



Foundations Courses

WGST 101                Intro to Women’s Studies, WI (Haffey; Simpkins)

PHIL 220                 Introduction to Feminism, SI (Vasey)


Methods Courses

AMST 201                Introduction to American Studies, WI/SI (Devlin)

ARTH 303                 Methods of Art History (DeLancey)

ENGL 295                 Methods of Advanced Literary Studies, WI (Lorentzen and Mathur)

PSYC 362                  Research Methods for Psychology, WI (Stanley and Wilson)

SOCG364                  Quantitative Methods, WI (Kim)

SOCG 365                 Qualitative Methods, WI & SI (Citeroni)


Approved Major Electives

ANTH 212                Anthropology of Gender (Mentore)

ENGL 206A               Global Issues in Literature (Dasgupta only)

ENGL 393B               Black Women Writers (Tweedy)

ENGL 356                 American Realism (Richards only)

HIST 327                   U.S. Women’s History to 1870 (Llewellyn)

PSCI 471B3              Women and Public Policy (Cooperman)

PSCI 372                   Gender and Development (Gupta)

PSYC 350                  Psychology of Women, WI & SI, capstone (Erchull)

RELG 206                  Christian Origins (Barry only)

RELG 303                  Sex, Gender, and Religion in America (Mathews)

RELG 309                  Death and Dying, capstone (Barry only)

SOCG434                  Gender and Work, seminar (Marsh)

SOCG 371Z               Women of Color Feminism, capstone (Simpkins)

WGST 102                Perspectives in Sexualities: Queer Studies (Rucker)



Reminder: 491 and 485 project proposals are due Fri, Nov 16th

(see the website or program director for more information).