What to do with a Women’s and Gender Studies Major

Here are just a few occupations that a Women’s and Gender Studies major might consider:

Human Rights advocate
Women’s and Gender Studies graduates have been active in the campaign for equality and justice around the world through their work with international rights organizations that monitor the treatment and the advancement of women and other groups that face discrimination.

As the general public becomes more aware of  challenges such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and domestic violence, attorneys who build a reputation for handling sensitive cases can build strong specialty practices.

Non-profit work
Women’s and Gender Studies graduates bring a commitment to social justice and strong understanding of local, national, and international issues to non-profit work.

A Women’s and Gender Studies graduate brings a clear understanding of gender issues to the classroom, can offer non-sexist teaching models, and can help young people deal with the range of issues that they face as they develop into adults.

Health Care
Women’s and Gender Studies graduates understand the deeply politicized nature of women’s health issues around the world and work to educate women and their governments about women’s  special medical needs and newest treatments available to them.

A number of religious denominations are eager to have women engaged with their spiritual communities as priests, ministers, rabbis, and other clerical offices.  Women’s and Gender Studies majors create inclusive, sensitive congregations.

Social Workers
Social workers with a Women’s and Gender studies graduates bring their understanding of the history and development of women’s and men’s roles in society to their work with the disadvantaged. This knowledge can help them teach their clients about the opportunities available to them and connect their clients with the most effective and appropriate resources in their communities.

Government work
Federal, state, and local governments are eager to hire employees who understand the diverse world in which we live. Women’s and Gender Studies majors are particularly suited for such work.

Company Archivist or Historian
Many companies, communities, and nonprofit organizations rely on archivists to accurately document the actions and the legacies of their institutions. Women’s and Gender Studies majors help to ensure that women’s participation in those organizations are not overlooked or understated.

Writer or Journalist
Women’s and Gender Studies majors use their research and writing skills to bring to the issues that face women and other under-served groups to the forefront of American society.

Artist or Musician
Many creative professionals use their Women’s and Gender studies degrees to inspire powerful songs or works of art.  Women have made a consistent impact in the arts throughout history, and today’s generation of creators must work even harder to keep that tradition alive.

Anti Domestic Violence Advocate
Women’s and Gender Studies majors understand the unique set of challenges that abused women face. They can use their knowledge to help victims of violence find safe living arrangements and help them manage through the court system. They can also educate the public about the scope of domestic violence in this country.

Business Owner/Entrepeneur
Women’s and Gender Studies majors can channel their fiercely independent spirit into careers as entrepreneurs. By understanding the needs and wants of women, they can create companies that solve problems for customers in unique ways.

Legislative Aid
As politicians work to court women’s votes, many elected officials have recruited Women’s and Gender Studies majors to their research teams. By viewing current laws and proposed legislation through the filter of women’s history, these specialists can help their representatives to really understand the impact of law on women in their districts.

Public Relations/Advertising
Women make most of the buying decisions in America.  Women’s and Gender Studies graduates not only bring strong communication skills to their jobs, but they also provide insight into how women and men make consumer choices.

adapted from https://wgss.osu.edu/what-can-i-do-wgss-degree