recent WGST 485 projects

WGST is very proud of its recent graduates and their capstone projects:


Sarah Smethurst, “Feminist Revisionary Mythopoesis” with Mara Scanlon            

Sara Monk, “Exploring Fat Body Image through Video Art” with Rosemary Jesionowski

Anna Halbrooks-Fulks, “Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Pro-Baby”  with Rosalyn Cooperman


Nancy Belle, “Exploring Sex, Gender, and Sexualities in the Contemporary South,” with Gary Richards

Aissata Traore, “Women in the Legal Profession,”  with Kristin Marsh

Britnae Purdy, “Expressions of Sexuality and 20th Century Chinese Feminism as Portrayed in the Fictional Work of Zhang Ailing,” with Sue Fernsebner

Taylor Brannon, “Whose Conscience Clause? Interest Group Activity and Contraceptive Coverage in the Affordable Care Act,” with Rosalyn Cooperman

Thalia Veizaga, “Qualitative Study on Women’s Perception of Menstruation,” with Tracy Citeroni

Katie Casey, “Biblical Womanhood Blogging” with Tracy Citeroni

Morgan Downing, “Who’s to Blame? Factors Influencing Bystander Efficacy and Attribution of Responsibility in Three Categories of Rape,” with Miriam Liss


Samantha Carter, “Living in a Sheltered Garden: Chastity and Resistance in Modernist Literature” with Mara Scanlon.

Sandra Sanchez , “Litigation Funds: The Cost to Taxpayers on Defending Anti-Abortion Legislation” with Rosalyn Cooperman

Caryn Fuqua,”Gender and Autism,” with Tracy Citeroni

Leanna Papp,” Conceptualizing Safety Anxiety and Self-Objectification as a Result of Objectification,”with Mindy Erchull


Alexis Hayden, “And Tango Makes Three: an Educational Tool”  supervised by Krystyn Moon

Bailey Meeks, “By the Bi: A Critical Study of H.D. and Bisexuality,”  supervised by Mara Scanlon

Micaela Butler, “Contemporary Women of Color in Poetry,” supervised by Mara Scanlon


Megan Connor, “Royal Midwives, Manuals, and the Creation of the “Ideal” Midwife in 17th Century Europe,” supervised by Allyson Poska

Jessica Kemp, “‘Cause I’ve Seen Blue Skies (Through the Tears in My Eyes): Positive Reinterpretation and the Development of Community at The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast Events,” supervised by Kate Haffey

Mariam Khan, “Gender Empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir,” supervised by Surupa Gupta

Blair Gruendl, “Understanding Sexual Consent: A Study of Student Perception,” supervised by Kristin Marsh