Course Offerings Fall 2020

Foundation Courses

  • WGST 101 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (WI) Gupta

Methods Courses

  • AMST 201 Introduction to American Studies (SI, WI) Devlin
  • ENGL 295 Methods of Advanced Literary Studies (WI) Haffey, Levin
  • HISP 205 Documentation and Field Work Henry, Spencer
  • PSCI 391 Research and Writing in Political Science (WI) TBA
  • PSYC 362 Research Methods in Psychology (DI,WI) Stahlman, Erchull*
  • SOCG 364 Quantitative Research Methods w/lab (BTC, WI) Brew
  • SOCG 365 Qualitative Research Methods w/lab (SI, WI) Citeroni


  • ANTH 212 Anthropology of Gender (DGP) Mentore
  • CLAS 310 Women in Antiquity (DGP) Houghtalin
  • ENGL 332 British Romantic Women Poets Foss
  • ENGL 369 Women and Modernism (SI) Scanlon**
  • ENGL 390F Post-modern Women Writers Haffey
  • HIST 462 Women in Latin America Poska**
  • RELG 231C2 Queering the Bible Barry
  • WGST 491 Independent Study By approval
  • WGST 485 Capstone By approval
  • WGST 499 Internships By approval

*Prof. Erchull’s section is DI, WI and SI.

** Capstone seminar; Prof. Poska will give POI to WGST juniors and seniors. WGST 491 may also be used to fulfill one of the capstone requirements. All WGST majors need WGST 485 to fulfill the other capstone requirement.

  • For WGST 491, 485 and 499, please see Prof. Gupta or your WGST advisor.