Minor Requirements


The Department of Theatre and Dance offers Minors in Musical Theatre, and Arts Administration.

Taryn Snyder '15 in  Always...Patsy Cline, Spring 2014

Taryn Snyder ’15 in Always…Patsy Cline, Spring 2014

The requirements for each of these minors are listed below.  Students interested in enrolling in either minor must contact the chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance for additional details.

Musical Theatre Minor

Required courses:

4 credits      THEA 218   Voice & Body Movement
4 credits      THEA 321   Acting
3 credits      THEA 335   Musical Theatre Performance
3 credits      THEA 336   Musical Theatre Performance

(14 credits)

Plus four additional credits from:

1 credit      DANC 121   Beginning Ballet
1 credit      DANC 122   Beginning Ballet (Prereq. DANC 121 or Permission of Instructor)
1 credit      DANC 141   Beginning Jazz
1 credit      DANC 142   Beginning Jazz (Prereq. DANC 141 or Permission of Instructor)
2 credits      DANC 3011  Intermediate Ballet (Prereq. DANC 122 or Permission of Instructor)
2 credits      DANC 3021 Intermediate Ballet (Prereq. DANC 301 or Permission of Instructor)
2 credits      DANC 3051 Intermediate Jazz (Prereq. DANC 142 or Permission of Instructor)
2 credits      DANC 3061 Intermediate Jazz (Prereq. DANC 305 or Permission of Instructor)

(4 credits)

Plus four additional credits from:

1 credit        MUPR 301  Private Voice
1 credit        MUPR 401  Private Voice
1 credit        MUPR 201  Class Voice I
1 credit        MUPR 202  Class Voice II
1 credit        MUPR 203  Class Voice III
1 credit        MUPR 204  Class Voice IV

(4 credits)

The interdisciplinary minor in musical theatre introduces the student to the theory and practice of performance through a combination of training in technique, studio work, and production. Students pursue a balanced core of courses in Theatre, Dance, and Music that is enhanced by participation in musical productions in both Klein Theatre and Studio 115. Previous productions include, Spring Awakening, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Nunsense, Bat Boy, Forever Plaid, Cabaret, Sweeney Todd, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George, Godspell, Baby, Reefer Madness, Avenue Q, Always…Patsy Cline, and RENT.

Arts Administration Minor

Covenant Babatunde '15 in Into The Woods, Fall 2012

Covenant Babatunde ’15 in Into The Woods, Fall 2012

Required courses:

3 credits      THEA 281   Principles of Arts Administration
3 credits      THEA 481   Resource Strategies in Arts Administration
3 credits      ACCT 101    Principles of Accounting

(9 credits)

3 credits      MGMT 301 Principles of Management
3 credits      MKTG 301  Principles of Marketing

(3 credits)

1 credit        THEA 390  Theatre Practicum
to be taken three semesters for a total of three (3) credits in the areas of marketing, box office, house management, production management, stage management, interactive marketing, communications, recruitment, or finance.
3 credits      THEA 499  Internship  with a nonprofit arts organization.

(3 credits)

Combining a solid foundation of theory and practice, the Arts Administration minor creates a pathway of the education and experience students need to gain access to a career path in the field. With strong classroom experience in business and arts administration and experiential learning designed to apply knowledge to practice, the minor is a robust and flexible field of study that is an ideal complement to any major, but particularly for students in the arts.
The minor incorporates key courses in accounting, management, and marketing in the College of Business. These concepts are focused on the field in two specialized courses in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Finally, students develop and strengthen their skills by pursuing practicum assignments in essential areas of arts administration to enhance their experience in the minor. The faculty encourages students to pursue a internship to increase their proficiency in arts administration and establish a network of professional contacts. The University’s proximity to the world-class arts organizations in Washington, DC, gives students unprecedented opportunities to work in the field.

To download the course catalog and get more information about courses offered by the Department of Theatre and Dance, please visit the Undergraduate CatalogCurrent course listing for the fall, spring, and summer schedules can be found at the Office of the Registrar.
1. Satisfies General Education: Arts, Literature, & Performance–Process
2. Satisfies General Education: Experiential Learning