Major Requirements



Required courses:

4 credits      THEA 1316         Technical Production
4 credits      THEA 321           Acting
3 credits      THEA 3612,4      Theatre History & Literature (Prereq: In Sequence)
3 credits      THEA 3621,2,4   Theatre History & Literature (Prereq: In Sequence)
3 credits      THEA 4827         Senior Project
1 credit         THEA 4001,2      Professional Identity and Practice

(17 credits)



GOD OF CARNAGE • Spring 2019

Plus one additional course chosen from:

3 credits      THEA 4336         Lighting Design
3 credits      THEA 4346         Scene Design
3 credits      THEA 4366         Costume Design

(3 credits)


3 credits

All majors are required to enroll in THEA 3907: Theatre Practicum
every semester, except during the semester of the Senior Project;
students may count eight credits toward graduation.

(3 credits)

MEDEA • Spring 2018

Plus three additional courses chosen from any THEA course except the following:

3 credits        THEA 1115             Introduction to Theatre
3 credits        THEA 1126             Introduction to Acting
3 credits        THEA 1131,6          Introduction to Theatre Design
1-3 credits     THEA 4917            Individual Study
1-3 credits     THEA 4927              Individual Study
variable         THEA 4997             Internship
3 credits        FSEM 100L3          Cold Case: Theatre Mysteries
3 credits        FSEM 100E73        Finding Fashion

To download the course catalog and get more information about courses offered by the Department of Theatre and Dance, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog. Current course listing for the fall, spring, and summer schedules can be found at the Office of the Registrar.
1. May be taught as Writing Intensive
2. May be taught as Speaking Intensive
3. Satisfies General Education: First Year Seminar Requirement
4. Fulfills one course in General Education: Human Experience and Society
5. Satisfies General Education: Arts, Literature & Performance—Appreciation
6. Satisfies General Education: Arts, Literature & Performance—Process
7. Satisfies General Education: Experiential Learning