The Yoga Foundation

The Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg (YOFO) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization providing educational and enriching programs that promote wellness of the mind, body, and spirit to the Fredericksburg community. We envision a community without barriers to accessing education and experiences that enrich the individual and collective health of all.  


  • Assisting and coordinating groups that focus on mental and stress management such as:
    • Mindfulness based stress reduction 
    • Mindful self-compassion groups
    • Trauma informed yoga classes
    • Other relevant stress management and mindfulness courses as they are developed
  • Assisting and coordinating groups that focus on training educators including groups that:
    • Teach educators mindfulness skills for their own stress management.
    • Teach educators to run yoga and mindfulness classes for children.
  • Assisting and coordinating trauma informed yoga teacher training. This may involve preparing and teaching a piece of the training (e.g., a module on the autonomic nervous system and stress or a module on the relationship between trauma and stress). 
  • Assisting and coordinating mindfulness and yoga classes at Gladys Oberle school, an alternative school serving children with a variety of disabilities including autism, emotional disturbance, intellectual disability, specific learning disability, other health impairment, visually impaired including blindness, hearing impaired, speech or language impairment and multiple disabilities. 
  • Assisting and coordinating (and if comfortable teaching a portion) mindfulness and yoga groups for preschool children at local Head Start and Virginia Preschool Initiative programs.
  • Researching potential grants to help support the mission of the Yoga Foundation.
  • Assist in grant writing. 
  • Marketing and preparing campaign materials for fundraising.
  • Other administrative duties to support the mission of the Yoga Foundation. 

UMW pre-requisites

Must meet all UMW and Department of Psychological Science internship requirements.

  1. Required Courses:
    1. CPRD – 104 – Contemplative Practices
    2. Psychology 211- Abnormal Psychology
    3. Psychology 231 – Infant and Child OR Psychology 232 – Adolescent/Adult
  2. Recommended Courses
    1. Psychology 315 – Introduction to Clinical Psychology
    2. Psychology 339 – Health Psychology
    3. Psychology 351 – Positive Psychology
    4. Psychology 320 – Psychology of Exceptional Child


42 hours of work per credit hour (most interns do 3 credits with 126 hours of work). Grade is based on on-campus supervision, agency evaluation, reflective journal, and a final paper

Agency Contact

Catie Nawrocki