Neuroscience Minor Requirements

The Neuroscience minor is not only an appropriate choice for anyone interested in a psychiatric healthcare career, including general medicine or nursing, but also for anyone interested in psychiatry, clinical psychology, pharmacology, or cognitive rehabilitation.  In addition, the Neuroscience minor provides a strong foundation for graduate training in neuroscience or biopsychology.

The requirements for the Neuroscience minor are as follows:

    • BIOL 340 – Cellular Biology (4)
    • BIOL 410 – Neurobiology (4)
    • PSYC 305 – Cognitive Neuroscience (3) *
    • PSYC 274 – Biological Psychology (3)*
    • PSYC 394 – Psychopharmacology (3)*
    • Total hours required for the minor: 17
    • * Please note: only two of the Psychology courses may count toward the Psychology major requirements

For more information, view the brochure and/or contact the Psychological Science Department Chair, Dr. Miriam Liss