Major Requirements


The major program in psychology (a B.S. degree) requires 37 hours in psychology, including PSYC 100, which is a prerequisite to all other psychology courses. These requirements were put in place Fall 2012.


Psychology Course Requirements
I. All of the following:
100 – General Psychology 3
261 – Introductory Statistics for Psychology 3
360 – Advanced Statistics for Psychology 3
362 – Research Methods for Psychology 4
(Subtotal = 13 hours)
II. One from the following: Abnormal, Personality, and Social Psychology
201 – Social Psychology
211 – Abnormal Psychology
242 – Psychology of Personality
III. One from the following: Biological Psychology
274 – Biological Psychology
*305 – Cognitive Neuroscience
*372 – Sensation and Perception
394 – Psychopharmacology
*If this course taken to fulfill III, then it cannot count toward IV
IV. One from the following: Cognition and Learning
253 – Fundamentals of Learning and Motivation
273 – Cognitive Psychology
*305 – Cognitive Neuroscience
*372 – Sensation and Perception
*If this course taken to fulfill IV, then it cannot count toward III
V. One from the following: Developmental Psychology
231 – Developmental Psychology: The Infant and Child
232 – Developmental Psychology: The Adolescent and Adult
233 – Psychology of Aging
VI. One of the following: Research in Psychology
411 – Research Seminar in Abnormal, Personality, or Social Psychology
412 – Research Seminar in Biological Psychology
413 – Research Seminar in Cognition or Learning
414 – Research Seminar in Developmental Psychology
*492 – Individual Research
*Completion of PSYC 492 satisfies both Category VI and Category VII
(Subtotal = 28 hours)
VII. One of the following Out-of-Class Experiences:
000 – 40 Hours of Community Service Learning
322 – Mentoring Children at Risk (3 credits)
491 and *492 (SI) – Individual Research (3 credits each for 2 successive semesters)
499 – Internship (1-6 credits)
*Completion of PSYC 492 satisfies both Category VI and Category VII.
VIII. Choose Additional Electives needed to total 37 credits in the major


BLS Students:

BLS students have two options for completing a major program. One is to complete the requirements for the B.S. in Psychology as specified in the university catalog. The other option is to create a special major consisting of courses from at least two disciplines. The special major must represent a coherent field of concentration. For example, a student might create a major in “Social Development” that includes relevant courses in psychology along with courses in sociology and anthropology such as SOCG 351 – Juvenile Delinquency and ANTH 212 – Anthropology of Gender. The BLS student must construct this major with their mentor, and the special major must be approved by the BLS office. A proposal for a special major must be submitted to the BLS office before the student completes 15 credits toward this major.