Singh and Lester Win UMW Awards

PSIA Department Faculty Receive Jepson Fellowship and Waple Professorship

Professor Singh received a Jepson Fellowship, which reduces teaching load by one-half so that a faculty member may pursue a research project. My ongoing research, supported by the 2019-2020 Jepson, studies Stafford County landowners’ attitudes towards land conservation and, more specifically, their views on voluntary conservation easements. He has presented on this research at the Conference for the International Association of the Study of Environment, Space and Place (2018), and the Environment Virginia Symposium (2019).

Professor Lester has a Waple professorship to produce a book addressing the sources of and possible responses to religious and racial discrimination in a southeastern state. His book represents the culmination of a three year research project including a multi-method analysis of the Georgia 3Rs program, a comprehensive attempt to promote religious literacy and respect for religious freedom in Georgia public schools. His interviews with a diverse array of 100 religious, civic, and educational leaders in major urban and rural areas provided varied perspectives on both the sources of religious and racial discrimination, and shared civic values among Georgians.