Archives for April 2021

Professor Cooperman Receives Teaching Innovation Award

Congratulations to Rosalyn Cooperman for recently being honored with a Teaching Innovation Award by the New Research on Gender and Political Psychology Network!! This award honors her efforts to combat public speaking anxiety in her women and politics class. This award is well-deserved, and congrats again!! Click out the full award from NRGPPN! … [Read more...]

Professor Larus on Biden-Suga Summit

PSIA Chair Elizabeth Freund Larus was quoted in the April 14 Financial Times article “US pushes Japan to back Taiwan at Biden-Suga summit.” Professor Larus stated that it was critical to show a “united front” over Taiwan. “Not only will China be listening to hear any such statement, but so will US allies in the Asia-Pacific who need to be reassured of US commitment to the region,” she said. Check out the relevant article on the Biden-Suga Summit! … [Read more...]

2021 PSIA Department Awards

The PSIA department recently held the 2021 department awards. Check out our page on the Recent Award Winners to see them and past winners. … [Read more...]