Student Research and Creativity Symposium


The UMW Undergraduate Student Research and Creativity recognizes the excellence of undergraduate research at UMW thanks to the expert guidance of our faculty mentors.

More information can be found here.


  1. Clark Saben – “Machine Learning For Wind Power Generation Prediction from Turbine Data” (Mentor Desmond Villalba)
  2. Abigail Swanson – “The Relic Abundance of Dark Matter and Indirect Detection” (Mentor Desmond Villalba)


  1. Britteny Backus – “Physics of Space Flight” (Mentor Varun Makhija)


  1. Margaret Gregory and Melody Sepehrar – “Setup for Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy of 87Rb” (Mentor Hai Nguyen)
  2. Andrew J. Rasure and Shannon Brindle – “Exploring Parameters for Up-converting Nanoparticles”(Mentor Hai Nguyen)
  3. Rebecca Callaway and Mary Dye –“Laser Harp: Restoring a Classic Instrument with Modern Technology” (Mentor Hai Nguyen)
  4. Brandon Rozek, Stefano Coronado, Ethan RamirezBeowulf Cluster for Research & Education” (Mentor Maia Magrakvelidze)


  1. Hannah Killian and Brandon Rozek -“Modeling Population Dynamics of Incoherent and Coherent Excitation” (Mentor: Hai Nguyen).
  2. Zaire Sprowal Fractal Image Compression (FIC) and possible applications to Physical Systems (Mentor: Hai Nguyen).
  3. Ryan Barlow Chaos: Hidden Attractors in Chua’s Circuit (Mentor: George King, III)