The physics faculty is a small but diverse group. Collectively, the faculty draws from years of experience in academe, industry and government. We invite you to meet the physics faculty.

Physics majors are among the most conscientious students at the University of Mary Washington. It is recommended that the introductory physics course be completed in the freshman year, but some students choose physics as their major after completing the introductory physics course in the sophomore year. On average, there are 25 – 35 declared majors in a given year and approximately half are males and half are females.

Physics alumni provide the most compelling evidence that a variety of careers are possible with a B.S. degree in physics. Approximately half of the alumni pursue graduate studies immediately upon graduation and received MS and Ph. D. degrees in physics and related fields. Others embarked on careers in secondary education, in industry, with the government, or careers in fields other than science, such as law and business.

Over the past few decades, we have been honored by visits from several internationally renowned physicists. These distinguished visitors presented talks for the whole college community, as well as technical talks for the physics faculty and students.