Individual Research

Of the 77 seniors conducting individual research over the past twenty years, 30 have presented their research at national conferences in ten different states. Additionally, 76 (out of 189) majors entered graduate programs for advanced degrees immediately upon graduation (58 of which participated in research projects). Forty-four (44) have received advanced degrees, sixteen (16) doctorate’s and twenty-eight (28) masters degrees.

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  • Elizabeth Stevens, “Stratified Surface Identification via Compton Scattered Radiation”
  • Michael Bardzell, “Electric Dipole Contribution to the Helium-4 Giant Resonance” (Honors)
  • Colin Philp, “Small Motion Detection using a He-Ne Laser Beam” (Honors)
  • David Richards, “Calculated Responses of Self Powered Gamma Sensitive Detectors”
  • Young Moon, “Intermediate Coupling Calculations on the Odd-Mass Isotopes of Zr” (Honors)


  • Joseph Petruzzo, “Radiation Detectors and Array Investigation for Image Reconstruction”
  • Rhonda Kelly, “Multidetector Responses to Surface Density Variation”
  • Charles Colley, “Deconvolution of Small Motion from Interference Fringes”
  • Charles Colley, “Individual Study on the Mathematica System”
  • David Wiseman, “Mathematica System to Compute and Display Atomic Nuclei Systematics”
  • Tanya Squadrini, “Study and Application of State of the Art Electronics”
  • Tanya Squadrini, “AC-Circuit Analysis using Simulation Software”


  • Kimberly Margolis, “Deconvolution of Multiple Detector Image Reconstruction Responses” (Honors)
  • Cinnamon Baker, “Studies of Multiple Detector Array for Image Reconstruction”
  • Janine Powell, “Study of Fractals in Diffuse Scattering using Laser Beams”
  • Eleanor Updike, “Detector Studies of Self-Powered Radiation Sensors”
  • Douglas Blair, “Fractals”
  • Beth Nystrom, “Nuclear Stability Regions Graphics with Mathematica”
  • Beth Nystrom, “Intermediate Coupling in Nuclei”
  • Emily Edwards, “Intermediate Coupling in Nuclei”
  • Tabitha Edinger, “Intermediate Coupling in Nuclei”
  • Brendan Casey, “Intermediate Coupling in Nuclei”


  • Tabitha Edinger, “Diffuse Laser Light Scattering-Fractal Computation”
  • Kevin Osborn, “High Vacuum System-Self Powered Detector Study”
  • Andrea Neves, “Investigation of Photon Scattering-Cadmium Tungstate Scintillators”
  • Paula Gilbert, “Investigation of Compton Scattering from Porous Material” (Honors)
  • Brenden Casey, “Diffuse Laser Light Scattering-Fractal Measurement”
  • Britt Klopfenstein, “Odd-Mass Paladium Isotopes”
  • Dawn Baugher, “Intermediate Coupling Calculations”
  • Daniel Holiday, “Perturbation Theory Calculations”
  • Michael Langham, “Intermediate Coupling Applications”


  • Jennifer Malos, “Characterizing Surfaces Using Scattered Laser Light”
  • Stacey Bailey, “Wave Scattering from Random Rough Surfaces”
  • Jennifer Riordan, “Measurement of Charge Emission from Metallic Surfaces”
  • Yvonne Betts, “Calculation of Charge Emission from Metallic Surfaces”
  • John Garman, “A Study of Gyroscopic Motion”
  • Michael Pearson, “Analog and Digital Circuit Simulations for Computers”
  • Henry Musk, “Studies with Mathematica”
  • Roger Viadero, “Quantum Mechanics on the MacIntosh”


  • Carolyn Wagner, “Study of Radiation Transport Using Multiple Detectors” (Honors)
  • Dawn Baugher, “Compton and Photoelectric Scattering in Porous Mediums” (Honors)
  • Stephanie Tobler, “Study of Projectile Motion for Spinning Objects”
  • Stephanie Tobler, “Effect of Spin on a Falling Sphere”
  • Jennifer Freeman, “Study of Rugous Surfaces using Infrared Radiation”
  • Michael Langhan, “Study of Chaotic and Fractal Dynamics” (Honors)
  • Henry Musk, “Electronic Circuits Simulation for Computers”
  • Brandon Knowle, “Computer Simulation of Perturbed Orbital Motion”


  • Tam Nguyen, “Investigation of Chaotic Boundaries for Electrical Systems”
  • Etta Agan, “Pressure Measurements to Identify Navicula Disease” (Honors)
  • Joseph King, “Infrared Radiation Production and Detection”
  • Emily Efkeman, “Investigation of Gamma Radiation Transport”


  • Jeanette LaCivita, “Laser Light Attenuation in Absorptive Media” (Honors)
  • Patricia Bryan, “Interferometric Studies – Refraction Indices and Polarization Effects”
  • Davis Lee and Scott Kappin, “Prediction of Nuclear Properties using the Unified Model in Intermediate Coupling Theory”


  • Stephanie Jacobe, “An Investigation of Stress Forces on Gothic Cathedrals Using Polarized Light”
  • Peter Silverstein, “Phuzzy Physics: A Fuzzy Logical Approach to Uncertainty in Quantum Mechanics”
  • Miki McCoy, “Liberal Arts of Physics” (Honors)
  • Rita Stidham, “Cosmological Constant”


  • Jill Reilley, “Computer Simulation of YBCO Thin-film Superconductors” (Honors)


  • Erzabet Szasz, “Study of Selected Experiments using Optical Fibers”


  • Nancy Kraus, “Optical Tweezer: A Study in Theory and Design” (Honors)


  • Karen Graver, “Investigating Biophysical Applications for Optical Tweezers”
  • Andrew Mercado, “The Effect of Spin on Gravity”


  • Nathan Baillie, “Efficiency Studies of Detectors used in Astrophysics” (Honors)
  • Katherine Maclay, “Study of Optical Tweezer: Infrared Laser” (Honors)
  • Quinn Spadola, “Study of Optical Tweezer: Visible Laser” (Honors)

Summer 2002

  • Francisco Escobar and Karen Tinkelpaugh, “Electromigration Testing of Copper-Aluminum Thin Film Samples”


  • Karen Tinklepaugh, “Electromigration in Microelectronics”
  • Bradley Williams, “Laser Powered Optical Tweezer: Operation and Applications”

Summer 2003

  • Kevin Pushee, “The Use of Image Processing Software to Quantify Electromigration Damage as Function of Both Current and Time”
  • Ryan Zdanowicz, “Application of Laser Reflectivity in the Analysis of Electromigration Damage in Aluminum-4% Copper Thin Films”


  • Ryan Bodenstein, “Measurement of White Light Group Velocity Dispersion”
  • Kevin Pushee, “Electron Induced Damage in Microelectronic Components”(Honors)
  • Erik Spahr, “Study of Thermoacoustic Engines”(Honors)


  • Emily Brackbill, “Using Physics to Solve Problems in Historic Preservation”
  • Cara Campbell, “Complex Variables in Optics”
  • Christine Carlisle, “A Study of Holography and its Applications”
  • Aiyana Garcia, “Complex Variables in Electricity and Magnetism”
  • Joseph Herbert, “Study of X-rays and Associated Applications”
  • Russel Howey, “Quantitative Evaluation of Damage in Microelectronic Circuitry”
  • John Leckey, “Complex Variables in Quantum Mechanics”
  • James Osburn, “Complex Variables in Classical Mechanics”
  • Aiyana Garcia, Nicholas Franciose, Art Kenny and James Osburn, “Application of Perturbation Theory to Generate Optimum Eigen-functions Copper-63”
  • Art Kenny, John Leckey and James Osburn, “Static and Dynamic Properties of Cu-63”


  • Cara Campbell, “Electromigration in Aluminum Thin Films”
  • Russel Howey, “Temperature Dependence of Electromigration in Microelectronics”
  • John Leckey, “Study of Elementary Particles”


  • Russell Friedell , “Electromigration: Computation and Analysis”
  • Jeffrey Millan , “Electromigration with Advanced Computer Technology”
  • Gardner Marshall , “Applications of Tensor Analysis to General Relativity”
  • James Otto, “Destructive Interference on Celestial Objects with BTS”
  • Mary Pilger, “Construction of a Vacuum Chamber”
  • Brandi Rollins, “Interfacing and Testing a Spectrometer Using Lab View”
  • Kathleen Shugart, “Physics of Classical Siege Weaponry”


  • Robert Bumgarner, “Electrical Testing and Image Analysis in Microelectronics”
  • Davis Hand , “New Automated Contact Resistance Test Protocol “
  • Katharine Mulrey , “The Physics of Flight ” (Honors)
  • Sherin Stephens and Katharine Mulrey, “The Physics of Model Airplanes “


  • Jessica Lehman , “Using an Infrared Tweezer to Study Optical Trapping Forces ” (Honors)
  • Nicolas Perilla , “X-ray Spectroscopy with Upgraded Tel-x-ometer “
  • Laura Richard , “Analyzing a Nitrogen Discharge Using LabView and Signal Express “
  • Brandi Rollins, “Using a Visible Optical Tweezer to Explore Trapping Strength ” (Honors)
  • Houston Sanders, “Emission Spectra of Nitrogen Discharge”
  • Christopher Triola, “Diatomic Molecular Theory and Applications Using LEVEL”


  • Laura Rickard, “Optical Fiber Transmission Properties” and “Coupling Losses in Optical Fiber Transmission” (Honors)
  • John Deasy, “The Fundamentals of Time-Varying Magnetic Fields” and “Digital Electronics — Random Number Generator”
  • Houston Saunders, “The Fundamentals of Time Independent Magnetic Fields”
  • Conner Whitaker, “Introduction to Elementary Particles”
  • Talya Langbaum and Matt Motley, “High Resolution Spectroscopy Using the Horiba Jobin Yvon IHR320 Spectrometer” and “Resurrection of the Atomic-Molecular Spectroscopy Research Lab” (Summer 2010)


  • Andrew Cole and Robert Wesley, “Electronics for Magneto Optical Trap”
  • Maureen Rutter, “Laser Modulator: Acousto-Optical Modulator” (Summer 2011)
  • Wesley Robert, “Laser Spectroscopy” (Summer 2011)


  • George McMillian, “Gallium Arsenide Temperature Sensor”
  • George McMillian, “DC Magnetic Ruben Coil”
  • Darren Getts, “AOM and Laser Spectroscopy” (Summer 2012)
  • Lauren Nelson, “Atomic and Astronomical Spectroscopy” (Summer 2012)


  • William Camp, “Nonlinear Dynamics-Applications of Duffing’s Equation”
  • Darren Getts, “Acousto-Optical Modulated Mach-Zehnder Interferometer”
  • Ngoc Huynh, “Doppler-Free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy of Rubidium”


•  Robert Wesley, “Optics and Active Remote Sensing”
•  Pietro Perrino, “Elements of Nuclear Physics and Reactors”




  • Vincenzo Giambanco – “Pendulum Waves”
  • Ryan Barlow– “Chaos: Hidden Attractors in Chua’s Circuit”
  • Nicholas Gabriel – “Monte Carlo study of Alpha and Muon Sources for PROSPECT mass Calibration”.
  • Pengcheng Zhang, Vidhya Cardozo, Kayla Frye –“Quantitative Efficiency Analysis of a Single Optically Trapped Up-converting Nanoparticle”.
  • Heather Hundley – “Mach-Zehnder Interferometer with Possible Heterodyne Setup”.
  • Ethan Ramirez and William Catoe – “Electro-magnetically induced transparency in a Rb87 vapor cell”.
  • Hannah Killian and Brandon Rozek – “Theoretical Calculations of Population Dynamics and Experimental Setup of Rb87 Coherent Excitation System”.
  • James Tylor –“Period doubling bifurcation on an oscilloscope.”
  • Sterling Heyns –”Quantum oscillations in hydrogen molecule”
  • Hannah Killian –”molecular dynamics”