Years 1, (2 & 3), 4 Explained

The UMW & GCC Dual Nursing Degrees Program (1+2+1)

Year 1:

  • Upon receiving notification of being accepted to the UMW nursing program, the student needs to then immediately apply for admission to Germanna as an applicant to their Allied Health Preparation Career Studies Certificate program.
  • GCC only accepts students who currently reside in their service area, which is Culpeper County, Madison County, Orange County, Spotsylvania County, Stafford County, Caroline County, King George County, and the City of Fredericksburg. Therefore, if the student’s home address is not in one of those areas, the student should use his/her UMW residency address on all GCC application forms.
  • Each student must have his/her own vehicle for transportation to GCC and to clinical sites. Therefore, the 1+2+1 student will be permitted to have a private vehicle on-campus at UMW, even during the freshman year. There is no public transportation or school shuttle between UMW and GCC.
  • Students will receive separate bills from the two schools. Students are responsible for paying both GCC and UMW in a timely manner to avoid being dropped from classes (this is critically important once you begin the nursing program at Germanna).
  • During the freshman year, students will complete the required liberal arts and nursing prerequisite courses at both GCC and UMW.
  • Admission to nursing programs is a competitive process (this is true for any RN program in the United States). UMW students are not guaranteed acceptance to the GCC Nursing Program. Students must submit their application to the GCC Nursing Program by April 1 of the freshman year in order to begin the program in the sophomore fall term.
  • Students must meet all established procedures and deadlines when applying to the GCC Nursing Program. GCC adheres strictly to their application deadlines; they allow absolutely no exceptions to the deadlines for anyone.
  • Please note, if a student is not a permanent resident of Virginia, he/she will still have to pay out-of-state tuition rates at both institutions. On-campus residency at UMW does not confer permanent residency status to a student for the purpose of tuition rates at either school.

Years 2 & 3:

  • Students who are accepted into the GCC Nursing Program will be completing their RN courses at Germanna during Years 2 and 3.
  • Students will also be taking one course at UMW each semester during these two years.
  • Students will continue their UMW student life (e.g., campus residence life and campus dining).
  • At the end of Year 3, the student will graduate from the RN program and receive an Associate of Science in Nursing degree from Germanna.
  • In the summer after graduating from Germanna with an AAS in Nursing degree, the student will take the state’s licensing exam and obtain his/her RN license.

Year 4:

  • During the fourth year, students will be enrolled full-time in the BSN Completion Program at UMW.
  • Before the start of the senior year, the student must submit a copy of his/her RN license to the BSN Completion Program office.
  • Students must also submit a Change of Major form to the BSN Completion Program office in order to change their major from 1+2+1 Nursing to BSN.
  • The license (a photocopy) should be sent to the Admissions Office. The Change of Major form should be emailed to
  • Following graduation from the AAS in Nursing program at GCC, students have two years to complete the fourth year at UMW.