Your Responsibilities as a 1+2+1 Student

University of Mary Washington students attending the GCC Nursing Program are responsible for:

  • Following all GCC application processes, deadlines, and admission requirements;Following financial aid procedures;
  • Providing their own transportation to GCC and to assigned clinical sites;
  • Requesting their GCC transcript to be sent to UMW at the end of each semester;
  • Continuing to meet with their UMW advisor each semester;
  • Following all rules, regulations and polices of GCC and the GCC Nursing Program while attending the program; and
  • Following all rules, regulations, and polices of UMW while attending UMW.

Students will be required to submit an application for admission to Germanna as a Pre-BSN student.  Students will then be required to submit a separate application to the nursing program by MARCH 1 of their freshman year. These two applications are completely separate from each other.  (Admission to the college and admission to the nursing program are two entirely different processes.  The first does not guarantee the second.)