Become a Nurse


The University of Mary Washington offers an innovative, hybrid dual degree plan in affiliation with Germanna Community College. Under the 1+2+1 BSN Dual Degrees in Nursing Plan, the student attends both UMW and Germanna for the first three years. In the senior year, the student attends only UMW. 

Each fall, 15-18 students are selected for this competitive program.  To apply, students must be first-year applicants (new freshmen)*  who live on the UMW campus for at least 2 years.

Please read below for information about the program. Also, we offer this printable flyer for your convenience: 1+2+1 Flyer.

This plan is designed for the student who wants a traditional four-year residential experience while earning a BSN. The student lives on the UMW campus while taking courses at both UMW and Germanna. Each student must have a car for traveling to their GCC classes and to clinical assignments. Through a partnership between these two schools, the student will follow the 1+2+1 plan as outlined below:

year-1 In Year 1, the student completes the required liberal arts and nursing prerequisite courses at both UMW and Germanna; the student applies to the GCC Nursing Program by MARCH 1 of their freshman year. Pre-licensure nursing programs are competitive.

year-2 In Year 2, the student begins the RN program at the community college (the student will also be taking at least one class at UMW each semester)

year-3 In Year 3, the student continues in the RN program at the community college (also taking at least one class at UMW each semester);

year-4-circle In Year 4, the student attends only UMW in the senior year to complete the BSN coursework.


Upon graduating from Germanna at the end of Year 3, the student will receive an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing degree. At the end of Year 4, the student will graduate from UMW with a BSN.

For a more in-depth look at Years 1 – 4, hover your cursor over the “Become a Nurse!” tab at the top of this page. In the drop-down list, click on “Years 1, (2 & 3), 4 Explained.”

IMPORTANT NOTES: important-note

  1. This plan is for first-year applicants only (new freshman).
  2. Students must live on the UMW campus for at least the first two years.
  3. Students start the plan in the fall semester (no spring starts available).
  4. Students in this program must have their own vehicle (for traveling to Germanna and to clinical assignments). There is no public transportation or school shuttle between the two schools. Although other UMW freshmen are not permitted to bring personal vehicles to campus, an exception to this policy has been made for the 1+2+1 students.
  5. If you have questions, please contact the BSN program office at UMW.

Recognizing the nationwide need for RNs to achieve baccalaureate degrees in nursing through an improved education system that enables seamless academic progression, UMW and GCC have entered into an Academic Partnership Plan. The plan, commonly referred to as a 1+2+1 BSN Dual Degrees in Nursing Plan, is designed for the student who wish to have a traditional, four-year residential experience while earning their nursing degrees.

*If you are already a college student who wishes to switch to a nursing major, we are (unfortunately) not able to admit you to the 1+2+1 program. There is another program for you, which is called the Concurrent Enrollment Plan. If you have questions about your options, we’re more than happy to talk with you. Our contact information is and (540) 286-8084.