Admission and Eligibility


Admission Requirements for the 1+2+1 Dual Degrees in Nursing Plan

  • Admission into the University of Mary Washington.
  • Offer extended to be admitted to the UMW 1+2+1 Plan. To qualify for acceptance into the UMW 1+2+1 Plan, you must have completed one unit of high school biology with lab, one unit of high school chemistry with lab, and one unit of high school algebra with a minimum grade of “B” within five years prior to applying.  You must achieve minimum SAT or ACT scores which exempt you from the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Virginia Placement est T(VPT).
  • Admission into the Germanna Community College.
  • Admission to the Germanna nursing program (which requires a separate application/admission process from the school’s general admission process).


  • All pre-licensure nursing programs are extremely competitive. UMW students applying to the Germanna nursing program are not guaranteed acceptance to the GCC Nursing Program. (However, once the student graduates from the GCC Nursing Program and obtains a Virginia RN license, he/she is guaranteed admission to the UMW BSN Completion Program.)
  • Students may not enroll in UMW’s courses which start with the NURS prefix until they have obtained their AAS in Nursing degree and an RN license.
  • GCC and UMW reserve the right to deny or revoke admission to the GCC Nursing Program and/or the BSN Completion Program to any student who has been suspended or dismissed from any institution of higher education or convicted of a felony, use of illegal substances, or on charges related to physical abuse towards others.