•  Frequently Asked Questions

Music Major Requirements: click here

1) If I’m interested in majoring in Music, what do you recommend for the first semester?

Technology for Musicians (MUTC 100)
Piano class (MUPR 205, 206, 207)
Private Lessons (MUPR 301-423)
Audition to join our Ensembles

Note: Theory I (MUTH 191) is offered in the Spring Semester.  Music  Majors  are not required to take MUTH 181 – it is a Gen Ed Quantitative Reasoning Course.  It is important to take MUTC 100 in the First Semester.

Lessons and Ensembles are available for all UMW Students.  We welcome everyone to participate.

2) What do I do if I want to take private music lessons?

·    Audition on August 28, the day before classes start. All auditions are scheduled by Michael Morley

(mmorley@umw.edu, x1012). To arrange an audition apply online

(http://cas.umw.edu/music/department-of-music/auditions). Auditions are held the Sunday before

classes begin: August 28, 12-5 pm, in Pollard 127. *Note that there are many events on campus that weekend.

If you need to reschedule, please notify Mr. Morley as soon as possible.

·    Be prepared to perform two contrasting pieces, both in major scales

·    Be aware that if you are offered private lessons, you will be charged a lesson fee of $350 for a weekly half-hour lesson each semester (1 credit) and twice that for weekly hour lessons; you will be billed by the institution.

·    Arrive 15 minutes early for your audition (there are practice rooms available for warming up)

·    If selected, you will receive permission to register for the relevant MUPR course number

3) How can I participate in an ensemble

·    For ensembles in general, see http://cas.umw.edu/music/umw-ensembles/

·    Ensembles also fulfill the Gen ED category of an ALPP

·    Auditions will be scheduled for August 28, 2016, 12-5 pm, Pollard 127 (see above FAQ1)  Be prepared to play two pieces of contrasting style (fast and slow). Bring a copy of your music for the directors.


  Ensembles Treble Clef


Jazz Ensemble (MUPR 344A1)

Orchestra (MUPR 342)—be prepared to play two pieces of contrasting style (fast and slow).  Bring a copy of your music for the directors. Scales two to three octaves and sight-reading.

Concert Band (MUPR 344E)

Flute (MUPR 344B)

String (MUPR 344F)

Guitar (MUPR 344G)

Instrumental (MUPR 344 – is a mixed instruments chamber group)

4) How can I participate in UMW Choirs?

·    For vocal ensembles (MUPR 341E Chorus: UMW Chorus, 341F Chorus: Fredericksburg Singers,  341H  Chamber Choir)

·    Contact the Director Jane Tavernier (jtaverni@umw.edu ). She asks interested students to perform at the beginning of the first ensemble meeting during the first week of classes.

5) Do you register for lessons and ensembles with your other courses?

·    For ensembles, Yes.

·    For private lessons, No.  The instructor in each Applied discipline will issue a Permission of Instructor (POI) override, which allows you to register for your lesson.  Lesson times are determined by the instructor and you.

  Other Topics

Is there a specific computer I should buy?
The department does not currently have particular requirements. All theory classes incorporate Finale software projects which are produced primarily in the department Music Resource Center using MacIntosh computers.