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The purpose of this site is to provide relevant information about the music department to prospective students, current students, faculty members, and interested members of the public. The content consists of information on coursework, performing ensembles and concerts, scholarships available, faculty, useful links, and how to contact the department.

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Prospective music majors for Fall 2018:

Auditions for lessons will occur the weekend before classes begin. These auditions can also serve for joining ensembles. Please prepare two contrasting pieces in style, chronology, and mood. After you send in your acceptance form to the college, you will receive the Academic Planning Guide in the Spring. Follow its directions for auditions. Also, please visit the scholarship section.

For ensemble and private lesson audition guidelines click here.
For an audition form to mail in, fax or email click here.

The procedure is as follows:

1.  Student prints out the form (found at the above link), fills it out (including choosing an advisor), signs and submits it
2.  Our Chair will sign the form and assign the preferred advisor to the student.
3.  Office Manager copies and reserves the copy (or a scan of it) for Dept. records
4.  The form is collected by the student who
5.  Delivers the form to the registrar’s office in Lee Hall


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