COVID updates

UPDATED Sept. 15, 2020

We are back in operation, but of course things aren’t quite the same.  A few things to be aware of about Pollard Hall and the UWM Music Department:


Practice Rooms are still available for all students to use.  This semester we are putting up sign-up sheets so that we can guarantee access to students who need them at specific times–for a lesson or Zooming into a class.  If you cannot find a space available at the time you need, contact Michael Morley (   Anyone may use a vacant practice room at any time, but if someone has signed up you will need to defer to that person when they arrive.



–The restrooms now accommodate only ONE person at a time.  Please be patient.

–The door to the parking lot from the practice room area is now EXIT ONLY.

–The stairwell nearest the HCC is now DOWN ONLY; the stairwell nearest DuPont is UP ONLY.

–DuPont Computer Lab hours and Pollard Keyboard Lab hours are still be finalized.

–Students enrolled in Music Classes should have card access to the building on weekends, but this may take some time to process with the Campus Police.


Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions.