Kaynak Pipers of Bulgaria

On Wednesday October 5th, 2016, the Kaynak Pipers of Bulgaria performed at the UMW Hurley Convergence Center. The group, as described by the Kennedy Center, “…is a kaba gaida (Bulgarian bagpipes) ensemble performing traditional folklore from Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountain. The project’s mission is focused on education and continuing the traditions of authentic kaba gaida performance…” (Kennedy Center) From their personal website, “It [was] formed to continue the traditions of authentic kaba gaida performance and help people from all the world get closer to kaba gaida music, traditions and folklore…” (Kaba Gaida 1)


According to their official website, the group has won two major awards: 3th place in the “International Gaida Competition Gela 2015” and National Darik Radio chart “40 under 40”. (Kaba Gaida Awards) The group also has been involved in many charities and different philanthropic organizations, providing children bagpipe lessons and volunteering for disabled children and adults. (Kaba Gaida, Social Responsibility 1)



Here are a few links to some of their other works:






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