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The minor’s description and requirements can be found in the University catalog and within the University’s website.  

Students must meet with the Chair of the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion to declare!

PLEASE NOTE:  as with all minors, students can have only two courses overlap between their major and the Museum Studies minor.


Date of declaration: ______________             


Student Name:  _________________  Banner ID:  _________________


Student email: _________________


Major discipline: _________________      Dept. Advisor: _________________


Student’s Minor Advisor/Discipline: _________________


Requirements for Museum Studies Minor (18 credits total – 6 credits from required courses, 9 credits from elective courses, 3 credits of internship)


1. Required Courses:  6 required credits (3 each at the introductory and laboratory/studio levels):

     Introduction:  Art History 315 or Historic Preservation 200  (Date completed:  ______ )

     Laboratory/Studio:  Art History 317 or Historic Preservation 463 (Date completed:  ______ )

2.  Elective credits requirement:  9 elective credits from  the following options:

     Option 1:  American Studies 303 (only on semesters approved by the Museum Studies Committee); Anthropology 309, 341, 342; Art History 460, 470S, 470Z; IDIS 350S; Classics 380; Historic Preservation 208, 303, 313, 320, 323, 471TT, 471YY; History 300W, 300ZZ, 428

     Option 2:  Art History 317 or Historic Preservation 463, if not used to satisfy one of the requirements above.

     Option 3:  special topics courses to be chosen by student and advisor in any disciplines that are approved by the Museum Studies Committee.  Students should contact either the chair or affiliated faculty of the minor’s sponsoring departments regarding which special topics courses are approved to count towards this minor; or, to determine how to have such a course approved.

     Option 4:  one 3-credit Individual Study course may be substituted for one of the elective courses with the approval of the instructor and the Museum Studies Committee.

     Option 5:  an additional 3 credits of internship may be substituted for one elective course listed above with the approval of the instructor and the Museum Studies Committee.

(Enter three dates of completion for elective credits:  _______________;  _______________;  ______________ )

3.  Internship requirement:  3 Internship credits (minimum) [NOTE: internships must be approved by the Minor Advisor and Museum Studies Committee Chair]:

499 – Internship (Date completed: ____________ )

Museum location: _____________________________________________

Museum location: _____________________________________________

Classics, Philosophy, and Religion chair signature:      ______________________________


Student signature:   ________________________________________________


Minor faculty advisor signature:    _______________________________________


Date of Minor’s completion:  ____________________